Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chúc mừng :Blacky" tìm được Tự Do

Le Thanh Trung is new ICORN guest writer in Tromsø

Added: December 2013 to Network News

Le_Trung_Thanh.jpgLe Thanh Trung, Vietnam/Tromsø (Photo: Jahangir Akash)

Vietnamese journalist and blogger Le Thanh Trung is Tromsø city of refuges’ new ICORN guest writer.  He arrived safely in 5 December and will from there continue his fight for freedom of expression in his home country.

Le Thanh Trung started his own blog in September 2007 whilst studying in Taiwan. Under the pen-name ‘Blacky’ he posted articles critical of the Vietnamese government, which was widely read both inside and outside Vietnam.

He became broadly known within the independent blogging community in Vietnam, and repeated attempts were made to close down his blogs by the Vietnamese authorities. He also published many critical articles on the issues of human rights, freedom of expression and social justice in Vietnam on various overseas news portals and international press freedom organisations including Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). He has also worked as a freelancer for the Vietnamese online news portal

Writing openly about his political opinions, he soon became unpopular with the Vietnamese authorities and had to flee the country in 2010. He will continue his fight for freedom of expression in Vietnam from his new safe haven in Norway, Tromsø.